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  1. Likovi koji stoje iza veoma uspesne kampanje za fenomenalni Shadowrun Returns RPG (i dve ekspanzije dragon fall i hong kong) krecu da rade na battletech univerzumu i spremaju kampanju za jesen ove godine ! Key points: Set in 3025 Turn-based tactical with a lot of RPG elements, because you'll not only be managing a lance of 'Mechs but also Mechwarriors as well PC & Mac Open-ended mercenary campaign Careers and skill trees Build your own mercenary unit Vanguard (Founders) early bird pack - seemingly GenCon only (booooo!) Apparently working with both PGI and Catalyst Game Labs, PGI for 'Mech art and CGL to coordinate with their fiction line Kickstarter will start in AutumnNew info: They are looking into multiplayer as a Kickstarter goal. PvP arena on Solaris VII. Not using the same engine as Shadowrun Hong Kong. Something completely new with Unity 5 - a "fully 3D title" Where Shadowrun is an RPG with turn-based combat, Battletech is turn-based combat with RPG elements, so they're reversing the priorities. With Battletech it is much more the story of the world and the great houses and a more macro-level narrative than Shadowrun's personal stories and exposition-heavy narrative. Story will be leading up to the 4th Succession War They are currently early in prototyping and gearing up for the Kickstarter Right now they are only focusing on PC and most likely Mac and Linux Target audience: Same thing like Shadowrun, they want to please the passionate fans and at the same time freshen the look of things in the world and getting back to the roots of Battletech with the feudal conflicts. Mike McCain is a big fan of the Battletech franchise and one of his first PC games was MechWarrior 2. Along with Jordan Weisman (Battletech), and Mitch Gitelman (Mechcommander), the team is inspired for this titleNeki ciljani okvirni termin za izlazak igre bi bio pocetak 2017. godine